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We Rent Avid Editing Desktop and Laptop Systems,
Avid ISIS 5500 & Nexis Shared Storage, and Sapphire Dongles
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Avid Media Composer Rentals


Rentals of Avid Media Composer systems from Prime To Go can be customized to any workflow. You can add options including Nitris DX I/O, Symphony Option, HD monitors, 60″ plasma displays, 8 channel ADAT, LCR Speaker Configuration, 16 Channel mixers, editing consoles, and Aeron chairs to any rental.

Avid ISIS and Nexis Rentals


If you rent an ISIS or Nexis Pro shared storage system, it will be prepared and tested with all Avid rental systems in the network prior to shipment or installation. All Avid rentals include telephone and remote desktop certified support.  Avid ISIS and Nexis shared storage solutions continue to set the standard in real-time performance, configuration flexibility, and ease of use.

Avid Laptop Rental Philadelphia NYC


Our Media Composer and Adobe Premiere rental laptops can be overnighted to you next day. We currently are using the MacBook 15″ retina display with any version of Media Composer software. Adobe Creative Suite, Sapphire plugin’s and second LCD monitor can be added to any system.


All of our rentals include our phone and remote desktop support. Although not necessary for all editing system rentals, our on-site technicians can make a world of difference when you’re under the gun. We custom install all equipment to your specifications, whether in your mobile truck or our rack mounted cases, and remain on-site to perform maintenance checks, answer questions and fix any problem. Prime To Go on-site techs are available to anyone but strongly recommended for ISIS / Nexis installations and multi-system broadcast events.

Partial Event List

  • Concussion [Columbia Pictures]
  • Last Witch Hunter [Lionsgate]
  • The Masters [CBS]
  • Superbowl [CBS,ESPN]
  • Southpaw [Escape Artists]
  • Backyard Goldmine [DIY]
  • K-Street [HBO]
  • 100 Years of Flight [Discovery]


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Our sales reps can get you a price quote same day for most rentals. Please include the equipment you are looking to rent including storage and video deck needs, the rental location, rental dates, and how you heard about us!

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